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Chatswood Massage Pricing

Chatswood Health Massage – You will find our prices competitive and value for money.

Standard Massage Services

30 Minutes

For when you have limited available time.

Shoulders, Back & Legs
Head & Shoulders

45 Minutes

Enough time to immerse in the experience

Shoulders, Back and Legs
Head & Feet

60 Minutes

Recommended for a full body treatment

Full Body
Deep Tissue

90 Minutes

Indulge in a deserved luxurious experience

Full Body incl Head / Feet
Deep Tissue

Speciality Health Services

60 Minutes

Prostate Massage for Wellbeing

Full Body Massage
Prostate Care
Finish with head or foot

60 Minutes

Lymphatic Drainage to Relieve Swelling

Gentle Massage
Move lymph to working drain vessls.

60 Minutes

Fertility Massage

Deep tissue massage
Improve circulation
Best prior to ovulation

60 Minutes

Shoulders, Neck
& Head

Relieve Tension
Renewed attention span
foot massage

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